French identity threatened?

Over the last decade, globalization has been fully under way and trade between countries has accelerated. France has transformed itself like never before in its History.
In all fields (business world, new technologies, arts …) English has become an undisputed master. France has become a polyglot nation in the same way as other nations. The dominance of the United States has been consolidated. In 2007, more than 50% of the films screened in French cinemas come from Hollywood. The commercials on television are broadcast on a background of English music. The French language was enriched with “prime time, coaching, screening, show, after-work, peer to peer, e-mail, bullshit …”. In the boards of directors of French multinationals, English is spoken in the same way as in the international symposia held in France. The decisions of the European Commission are no longer translated. The job seeker who does not speak English fluently sees his chances of finding a substantially reduced work. At the same time, the younger generations have never been so bad at mastering their language: the “ortografe” and the “grammère” have relegated France to 17th place among the OECD countries. Pop music, video games, internet are mostly English. For many, French has become a tacky language that no longer carries a future.

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